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Welcome to Notable Score Music Transcription Services

The Perfect Pitch Advantage

Welcome to Notable Score Music Transcription Services.  We have delivered quality music transcription for a wide variety of different music genres for many years, with a large following of happy clients who keep using our service for all their music transcription needs.   When it’s about delivering the best music transcription available, we offer the perfect pitch advantage!

What Does Our High Level Music Transcription Team Actually Do?

Our professional music transcription service team specializes in transcribing music by ear for the best accuracy possible.  We manually input the musical score into notation software to provide clients with both the score from the piece and an mp3 audio file to hear the music score as “played” by the computer. This allows the composer to proofread the transcribed piece of music without assembling the entire orchestra, which is a considerable time and money saver for the composer, musical theater director or band leader.   We musically transcribe pieces into Sibelius notation software, the industry leading software for transcribing music.

Our clients typically send us their music, or a link to download music, via an mp3, midi, or other kind of recording software music file.   We listen to your music and musically transcribe mp3 to sheet music by ear, using Sibelius.  You need only send us the piece in one mp3; we do all the rest!  Our team identifies each musical instrument by ear.  We pride ourselves on having music transcriber talent with perfect pitch on the team.  This allows us to precisely lay down each musical instrument’s part.  We create a variety of musical scores.  Our expertise gives us the versatility to create everything from a simple music transcription for a lead sheet, to a full music transcription of complex jazz transcription, piano transcription or an orchestral piece with dozens of musical instruments.

Music Transcription Service

What Do Our Clients Receive When Their Work is Musically Transcribed?

After the music transcription work is complete, meaning we have sent the final version with all incorporated feedback, our clients receive the following:

 The conductor’s score (in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format) and each individual musician’s score.

A computer generated mp3 file of the musical score so you can hear the score as notated.

A Midi or Musicxml file, if you would like to port the score into musical composition software such as Finale or Logic.

The source Sibelius file for your records, in case you would like to add on or change the piece in the future.

Music Transcription Service

Are You Using Automatic Music Transcription Software?

For several years we have also helped struggling musicians score their songs; however, due to advances in automated music transcription software, “starving musicians” are now able to have their songs automatically transcribed sequentially (if they have the time and patience).   We would be delighted to take your computer generated, individual instrument scores, and help add instruments and proof the score for accuracy.  If you have score that you’ve created through software but you need to add instruments, please ask us to be a part of that task!  Just ask for a free sample page to see what our music transcription service can do for you.

Have You Attempted to Transcribe Music On Your Own But Need a Proofreader?

If you are a musician, you may have attempted to musically transcribe songs on your own.  Even though you may have already done the lion’s share of the work, simply send us a copy to proofread.  We will catch any and all music transcription errors and correct them.  If you have relative pitch and have been working on improving your skills, this could be a money saver for you since it takes us less time to proofread a work depending upon your skills.  Put simply, we can be your music transcription partner — everyone can use a proofreader!

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Music Transcription Services

What’s the difference between Notable Score Music Transcription Services and the others?

There are many, very talented musicians who offer a variety of services including musical transcription, musical arrangement and mixing.   Most musicians, however, do not have perfect pitch (also referred to as absolute pitch).  This is a vitally important ability for quality work that is innate and difficult, if not impossible, to acquire through practice.  Due to our team’s perfect pitch advantage, we concentrate primarily on musical transcription.   All types of music and music genres are part of our quality transcription service.  We’ve also transcribed esoteric instruments used in ancient music, world music, and modern classical and pop genres.  We transcribe musical instruments you may have never heard of (the Argentinian Bandoneon is but one example)! Notable Score Transcription Services is based and operated in the United States, and we are very proud of our timely, pleasant and meaningful customer service.