“Notable Score are key collaborators for me. They go beyond being a service, and are true musical partners to me:
• NS makes my mission of publishing my music a reality, allowing me to contribute to harp repertoire at large (at the moment, our genre is very small)
• NS makes collaborating with my musical partners far easier – finally I can have other musicians play my music both with me and without me, with speed and accuracy
• NS allows me to dream bigger when I see the score (normally I keep everything in my head) – new possibilities are inspired in me
• NS frees up my time to focus on my real talents (I read very well, but when it comes to writing, it takes me forever!), making me far more productive

As many others have said, they are also extremely patient and friendly, fast, and beyond reasonable in pricing. I’m so grateful to have found them, and wish I’d found them earlier!
Don’t hesitate to contact them – they are very transparent and upfront about their process and pricing. I’m sure you’ll be thrilled, as I always am. Thank you, Sabrina and NS team!””

-Diana Rowan, harp, Berkeley CA

“Sabrina Freeman from Notable Score Music Transcription Services consistently delivered quality product on time or ahead of schedule. Her organization, transparency and quality of work were second to none. We would absolutely work with her again.”

-Activision Publishing, California, United States

“Working with Notable Score Transcription Services has been an absolute pleasure, and the product they produced was outstanding in quality.  I will absolutely use them in the future for my transcription needs and feel lucky to have found them in the first place!”

-Lori Nicholson, Connecticut, United States (Pianist/Composer/Vocalist)

“As a songwriter, I realized over time that it was very important to have a written score to communicate with the musicians. It is the only possible way to conduct a project without departing from what I imagined in my model. After preparing my demo, it is the indispensable element before going further.Notable Score is now part of my organizational chart. These are extraordinarily skillful and kind people; they really allow me to advance and I sincerely thank them. I look forward to working with them in the future.”

-Philippe Quiot,  Switzerland

“These transcribers create note for note transcriptions that take the guesswork out of playing the basslines of favorite songs, in styles ranging from classical to heavy metal.  They are fast and efficient and helped make a pretty bad bass player (me!) sound a lot better!”

-Bobby Newman, Ph.D., New York, United States

“I am soo glad I found NotableScore. Their work is higher accuracy and lower cost than any other solution I have found. I highly recommend them!”

-Ben Bogart, Oregon, United States

“Very talented and creative team. Great prices and professional results! Try them for yourselves and you’ll always come back for more!”

-Zalman G., New York, United States

“We had purchased a piece of music to play for a wedding but it was much too difficult for our young pianist to play; however, our accomplished saxophonist needed to accompany the pianist.  We had to have one piece of music they could both play together.  Notable Score took the piece, transposed it into the key of C and simplified it, arranged it for saxophone and delivered to us a great arrangement that sounded wonderful at the wedding. It was so reasonably priced and we were very pleased with the quality of the work and the quick turn around time. Next time the need arises, I will definitely return to use the services of Notable Score.”

-Scott Matthew

“Notable Score scored the vocal line of a song for us using an MP3 recording.  Their service was incredibly prompt, professional and friendly.  We hadn’t used a service like this before and they provided some very useful advice and also explained the process very clearly.

Highly recommended!”

-F.B. West Australia, Australia

“My transcription job was completed very quickly and was very accurate, they even let me have a number of revisions for bits that I wanted tweaking.

All in all they have been very professional and have done the work for me at a reasonable price – cannot fault Notable Score.”

-Adam, United Kingdom

“I was very satisfied to work with Notablescore for the transcription of one of my friend’s improvisations.  Prices are very reasonable, service is delivered at the expected time, and the result is very accurate.  It saved me a lot of time and difficulty, as I did not have to transcribe it myself!! 

I will surely have some other project to ask notablescore to do.  The only hint is that they work on Sibelius, and you get a Sib file, as you must own it yourself if you want to make slight modifications.  I myself own Finale, and would have appreciated to get the score in mus, or xml.   I hope they will make this improvement soon.” [Ed. Note: Notable Score is happy to send music xml files upon request].

-Philippe, France (Pianist)

“Using just my voice recordings, Notable Score quickly and accurately transcribed more than a dozen original songs for a musical I’ve been working on, and all for a price that was more than reasonable.  Thanks to them, the aspect of this project that I thought would be the hardest turned out to be the easiest. I’d recommend their work to anyone.”

-Brian Feinberg, Connecticut, United States

“I found the customer service at Notable Score to be outstanding.  Sabrina and her team took on my project, and by the next day, they were finished.  And they did a fantastic job transcribing the music.  It was perfect.”

-Mark B., Bellingham, Washington, United States

“My daughter was participating in a talent contest which required her to provide lead sheets to the band.  Sheet music wasn’t available for the song she picked, so we had to have the music transcribed from a CD.  Added to that, she wasn’t singing the song in the original key and we had less than a week to turn in the music!  I wasn’t sure what to do until I found Notable Score online.  Sabrina immediately set my mind at rest.  Notable Score was able to get the job done in the short time frame and their work was excellent.  The cost was very reasonable and Sabrina provided truly excellent, personal customer service.  I highly recommend Notable Score to anyone seeking transcription services.”

-S. Shane, Calgary, Canada

“Notable Score has become an essential part of my team for score preparation – fast, friendly, accurate, and affordable – they’re the best!”

-Grant Clarkson (grantclarkson.com), United States

“Well, after all of the hard work from your transcriber and my rearranging, the piece is finally done and it is a masterpiece!  It sounds exactly like the recording and it is very coherent.  I actually came to the point when I thought that I would do more harm than good if I worked on it any more.  That’s the delicate balance of art.

I am just blown away by the efficacy of my latest project that you completed.  You nailed it with pinpoint accuracy that follows every rhythm and chord.  What a treasure!”

-J.S., Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota, Unites States

“After many attempts to find a transcriber who would be willing to undertake such a large project as I had; an accumulation of years of technically complex classical compositions, I found Notable Score Music Transcription Services and Sabrina K Freeman, Ph.D. Listening to my recordings, they have expertly transcribed and scored my music. The technical skills her transcribers possess are outstanding; demonstrating expertise in ear training, discerning complex chords, working with complicated rhythms and scoring. I would highly recommend this transcription service to anyone who seeks the highest professional work.”

-Paul Shafiroff Ed.D. University of Massachusetts, United States

“The ear of transcribers at Notable Score is extraordinary.  They are very skilled in analyzing musical voices, even in complex musical events.  These transcribers work fast, using a very efficient method, with a great attitude!”

-Yishai Knoll, Israel (Active Israeli composer in the field of Modern Classical Music.)

“I work for a gospel choir in Paris, France in a well known music school.  We were looking for three pieces of gospel music we couldn’t find in any sheet music store on the web or in specialized stores in Paris:  these sheets simply did not exist.  So we had to look for transcription services, but they were either too expensive or too busy to answer our emails.  As the date of our concert was close, we were worried that our pianist couldn’t get the sheets in time.  Then we tried Notable Score Music Transcription Services.  They answered quickly… I mean really quickly.  They gave us an estimate of the costs and ended up afterwards asking for less than two thirds of the upper limit they had given us earlier.  The job was done within three days (they apologized on New Year’s Eve for being slower than usual!), and the score was flawless.  As a bonus, they sent us a Sibelius file so that we can edit it again if the need would arise.”

-S. Tournan, Paris, France

“Notable Score have exceeded expectations again.  Not only in the quality of their wonderful work but in their outstanding commitment to ensuring an optimal finished product.

Great attitude, great work, great price.  What’s not to love about Notable Score.

Thank you very much for another excellent job.”

-DerekBarg, Sydney, Australia (Musician/composer/conductor)

“I would like to take a moment and comment on the excellent service and service delivery that I have experienced with Sabrina and the Notable Score Team.  I have found this company to be quick, response, flexible, accurate and on point with their rendition of transcribing my music.  Not only have they captured the work exactly as I have played it, they have been so very flexible in the arrangements that I needed and the finished products.  For example, I had a studio version of a song that had  piano, drums, strings vocals, backing vocals, acoustic guitar and a clarinet.  I wanted a stripped down version with just the acoustic guitar, vocals and the clarinet.  Boom.  Done.  That’s what I received in less then 2-business days.  And the pricing is amazing.  I had in front of me about 15 songs to pull together for a project.  I was not sure what the transcription would cost me.  I contacted Sabrina and her team and within 1-business day we worked out the details and I was on the way to getting my project off my CD and MP3 and on to valid, accurate sheet music that I can now use.


If what you want is a clear, clean, note-by-note, chord-by-chord, string-by-string rendition of your work, then look no further than the team at Notable Score.  They are Pitch Perfect!  I am telling all my music colleagues about this team.  Do yourself a favor, stop trying to count out the “quarter notes” and get with this team, today, to turn your music into transcribed, functional, working  manuscripts, in no time at all.”

-Dennis Manning, Florida, United States

“I can’t praise Notable Score highly enough for their assistance in getting our Musical production together. We are a musical theatre company in rural Australia and had a bunch of original audio recordings around which we built a new show, but we had no sheet music. Sabrina and her team helped us convert our audio recordings into full orchestral scores that will allow our orchestra to accompany the show. Each song was transcribed promptly and absolutely faithfully to the recordings, the pricing was more than reasonable, and all communications were friendly, helpful and transparent. For our musical theatre company, finding Notable Score was one of the luckiest breaks we’ve had. I not only recommend them, I wouldn’t even consider using any other transcription service in future.”

-Chris Gordon, Rocky Hill Musical Theatre Company (Goulburn, Australia)

“I’m a Composer and Guitarist and after writing numerous songs that I wanted to prepare for copyright, I was worried I would not find any music transcription service that would correctly transcribe my music /melodies without some flaw…until I found Notable Score! Their transcription was 100% perfect; they completed my Mp3 submissions way ahead of schedule and their pricing was beyond reasonable. There’s no doubt that Sabrina Freeman and everyone in Notable Score are top professionals! If you want your musical scores to be 100% accurate, Notable Score is the ‘key’!”

-Neil B, United States

“I am so thankful to have found Notable Score! I wish I knew about them a long time ago. I was very impressed by the transcription they recently did for an original song we’re doing for Christmas this year at our church. I originally asked for a vocal lead sheet and was surprised how quick they were. Sabrina was especially helpful and so gracious. We went through a couple of revisions and small corrections and the score was perfect! I later shared it with the co-writers and they were so happy with it that they requested a full piano transcription with the lead lines and also some vocal counterparts. I was very impressed by what Sabrina sent back. We made a few revisions and corrections and we had our full score in no time. Everyone is so pleased with it. Notable Score is very impeccable, quick and reasonable. I highly recommend anyone seeking to have something transcribed either small or large please consider Notable Score. You won’t be disappointed. They are the best. I plan on working with them for many more projects in the future.”

-Terry Gentry, Federal Way, Washington, United States

“I am extremely impressed by Notable Score Transcription Services. Their work is terrific in every way; accurate, fast, and affordable. I’m a songwriter and I needed transcriptions for an upcoming songbook so I’d send lyric sheets to them and poof, a day or two later they sent back not only the scores but the Sibelius, xml, and MP3 files of the piano and vocal parts as well. And if I needed corrections, they made them very quickly. I’ve used several transcriptionists in the past and Notable Score outshines them all. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

-Cindy Lowe, songwriter, South Carolina, United States

“I have sent for transcription eighteen songs, they were recorded live without any tempo guidance with a cassette four track recorder, using presets of a tone generator, the sound was really bad, and the songs were much complicated, before sending songs i was thinking: with this song they are not going to be able to transcript it, but not at all was like that, in no longer than two days i had the exact transcription for each song, they have proved to me that perfect pitch is so magical and resolutive, i highly recommend this website for transcription, it is not expensive at all and they do a perfect work. The best I could find to get my songs transcripted.

Trust them. You won’t regret it.”

-José, Spain

“The team at Notable Score was able to take my recording of a complex polyrhythmic piece, consisting of both synthesizer layers and orchestra samples of strings and choir, and reverse engineer the entire score. I was very impressed with their fast turnaround time and collaboration on the drafts to achieve the final result. Through this process I am gaining insight into my own art and look forward to working with Notable Score on future projects.”

-Bob Familiar, Composer, Sudbury MA  United States

Notable Score Transcription Services! Scores 10 out of 10!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐! 2 👍👍 up! 🙂❤️🎶🎶🎶!

Precise! Professional! Proficient! Perfect! Price, Practical! I highly recommend  Notable Score Music Transcription Services!

Sabrina Freeman, PHD, is one of the nicest, friendly, knowledgeable individuals, I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with!

You can’t go wrong folks!!”


-Kim Kondrashoff, Surrey B.C.,  Canada

“There aren’t words to express just how amazing Notable Score is! Their work is absolutely beautiful, accurate, and very affordable. I really appreciate their communication throughout the process of getting pieces transcribed. They are so friendly and eager to help you get the score you’re looking for! I will 100% be recommending them to others and using them again in the future!”

– Deven O., Colorado, United States